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How to make sure your e mails are opened

The average email open rate in the UK is 10%. just 10%!?!

....and the average click-through-rate? 1% - one measly per cent.

To really hit this home let’s do some maths: Let’s say you have an email list of 5,000 prospects, leads and customers. When you send an email about your latest offer here’s what happens: 5,000 people get sent the email. Only 10% open it. So only 500 people see your email. Of the 500, only 1% actually click on it.

So only 5 people click the email and go to your sales page. If we assume your sales page converts pretty well at 20% - you will make one sale.

5,000 emails = 1 sale

You can see why people think email is dying!

And here’s how most people react to this realisation...

“Well we just need to grow our email list! If we double the size of our email list, we’ll double our sales!”

And you know what, they’re right! Send 10,000 emails and 1,000 people will open it, 10 will click and 2 will buy. You’ve effectively doubled your business, BUT (and this is a particularly large but...) – doubling the size of your email list is HARD – and EXPENSIVE.

You could run Facebook Ads or other marketing, giving away lead magnets and more – but even if you only paid £2 per new email address (which is waaaay less than most businesses will pay!) those extra 5,000 email addresses are going to set you back a cool £10,000.

So what’s a poor business owner to do?

Well let’s go back to the maths and play with the numbers...

Let’s say you have the same size list – 5,000 people, and let’s say you send them your offer email. BUT this time, instead of a 10% open rate – you get a 20% open rate. Now this is still a very low open rate. But it means that of the 5,000 emails sent – instead of 500 opens – you get 1,000.

If everything else stayed the same you’d take your 1,000 opens, get 1% to click and have 10 people visit your sales page which converts at 20% giving you... 2 sales.

To double your sales you could double the size of your email list (HARD!)

Or... You could just nudge your open rate from 10% to 20%.

There are really only FOUR things we can do to boost our open rate.

1. Use a better subject line - Something more eye-catching, curiosity building works. Or a subject line that merges in the recipient’s first name is always a great idea...

2. Use a better SECOND subject line - This is your ‘preview text’ the first line of the email that people can see and read in their inbox – if yours says “Email not displaying properly, click here to view it in your browser” you are SABOTAGING your open rates.

3. Change your ‘From Name’ - The ‘From Name’ is who your emails come from (e.g. most of our emails come from Nigel Botterill) – we get better results with people vs business names.

4. Change the TIME you send your email - People go on an email killing spree when they first wake up. So send your emails after 10 am!

Tweaking all four of those factors can relatively easily DOUBLE your open rates, and as we’ve seen, that DOUBLES your sales!

BUT... there’s more.

Because, what if, as well as optimising your email for opens, you made a few subtle tweaks to try and get more clicks. What if you took your abysmal click-through rate of 1% - and grew it to just 5%. Five per cent is still a very low number – and VERY achievable. let’s run through the maths: 5,000 emails get sent. 20% get opened – so 1,000 emails are opened. Of the 1,000 that are opened – 5% get clicked. So we get... 50 clicks!

Your sales page converts at 20% and so we make 10 sales. TEN SALES!

Suddenly you’ve gone from making one sale from your list of 5,000 to TEN – and all you’ve done is tweaked your email.

The easiest way to improve your click-through rate? Add more links to click!

Statistically, the more links in your email, the more clicks you’ll get. It’s why we have the rhyme “at least four, probably more!”. Because, we aim to include at least four links in all of our marketing emails. If you really want to up your click-through rate, add buttons, GIFs, images and video thumbnails to get people’s fingers twitching. So you’ve made a few simple tweaks to an email and you’ve gone from one sale, to ten. You’ve 10X’d your business with the same amount of work – the same number of prospects – the same cost...

People say that email is dying.......But the truth is, it’s just getting harder.

Harder to get people’s attention, to break through the noise – to get results.

But with a few simple tweaks, you can see how a dead marketing channel, can very quickly be completely reborn. And that’s the power of email marketing and split testing.

So the next time you send an email out – try a new subject line. Add a few more links, and maybe you’ll 10X your business too!

Good luck! and remember if you need help you just gotta ask !

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