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How I became a

Professional Business Owner

When I left the military in 2008 I did not plan on a recession, let alone what would follow in the next few years.

On reflection, those first few years were a tough education. I had to adapt the skills that I learned from a full career in the military, to implement new processes, and change my mindset. It was fun but tough.

Working seven-day weeks and taking on new employees brought newfound responsibilities as a business owner. I was responsible for my family, my staff, and my customers. I needed to be the best, to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

The pressure of working every weekend, the lack of time off including the school holidays, was hard but I had to see it through. The overdrafts, the months with no pay, the letting go of amazing people. This had to stop, things had to change! It was time to overcome all of this and become a professional business owner and get down to business!

The evolution of a professional business person does not come by trial and error. It’s hard, yet like anything I learned from the military, I learned from the lessons I had identified, and by following a proven implementation system, and having some ‘actions on’ I achieved my objective – You too can get the results that you want.

I put down the ‘How I did it’ and the ‘All about me’ books and picked up business ones. I got new Directing Staff, I improvised, adapted, and overcame the adversity of change. I discovered new ways of sales, marketing, business planning, accounting you name it, I was both strategic and tactical. I had to become a businessman who was once in the military, not a military man trying to run a business. And then I did the crucial bit... I executed those ideas. I did the stuff that needed to be done, to get the results that I wanted, and guess what? It worked!

I see so many wonderful businesses struggling to get by. Their owners living hand to mouth, saying "next year, it’ll happen", but when it rains, it pours, another flashy new competitor sets up down the road, the Government changes, Brexit, COVID....Life gets in the way, don’t procrastinate, avoid the time thieves, and achieve the unachievable.

Through my training with Entrepreneurs Circle, I’m now ready to help people like you move forward. Let's advance your business, professionally, into the future.

Book a call with me now and let's start the transformation of your business and get it working for you!


  • Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach



  • Financial Management for Small Business.

  • Business Administration and Management - Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.